The worldwide RISC-V revolution is resulting from the unleashing of custom silicon with robust design platforms and custom accelerators. In addition, turnkey custom SoC solutions and IP subsystems are reducing risk, development time and cost while enabling differentiation within silicon. These joint SiFive and Open-Silicon technical symposiums are free to attend and will feature speakers who are industry veterans and academic luminaries. Attendees will learn about the RISC-V ecosystem in India and the SaaS-based approach that is enabling fast access to the custom cores and design platforms that are powering its mass adoption.

There will be presentations on smart and secure IoT edge devices and AI, open data-centric computing architectures, the RISC-V embedded ecosystem, as well as an overview of current RISC-V processor projects being done by the Indian government, and RISC-V education and research at Indian institutes and research organizations. The symposiums will also include a showcase of various SiFive RISC-V core development boards and Open-Silicon’s high bandwidth memory IP subsystem validation boards and custom IoT SoC reference boards.